Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Here are just a bunch of pictures from wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. First, though, a caveat: since I was in the wedding, I had stuff to do, so I left G in charge of the camera. That's enough said about that, I think.

Supermodel (You! Better! WORK!)

Little Miss Supermodel, looking for all the world like a recent graduate of Miss J's Runway Academy. This girl is FIERCE. And she does have excellent posture.

Never Were There Such Devoted Sisters

My sisters. Real smiles. It was a really great rehearsal dinner, at Gaetano's Italian Restaurant at the Southmoor Public Golf Course. The food was fantastic and the company even better.

Girls' Club - 2009 Edition

The Girls' Club, 2009 edition. I have no idea what we're saying here, but I'm willing to bet money that none of us are talking about the same thing. Unless it's ice cream.

World's Littlest and Most Adorable Vampire

With this blue light action going on, and all his wee teefers showing, my nephew looks for all the world like a tiny adorable little vampire, doesn't he? The kind you sort of want to bite you in the neck, or the finger, or whatever. Except, we're usually trying to nibble on him.


  1. i dont know whats going on but at work i can only see a couple of the pictures!!!!

  2. We have a picture from my brother's first wedding, he and I have both had some drinks, but we are both really smiling and it's a very nice picture. But because it was from his first wife's wedding, he won't let us display it.