In this edition of the Journal of rockle's Totally Inappropriate Parenting™, we explore the lyrics of that awesome Def Leppard classic "Photograph," especially the lyric: "Look what you've done to this rock and roll clown."

Tattoo You

You've convinced me to spend part of my Wednesday night eating ice cream and drawing "tattoos" on our arms with washable markers. Oh, yes, Mommy got one too.

Picture in Picture

You grabbed the good camera out of the bag and starting running around the living room yelling "CHEESE!" at everyone, so I had to give you the "little" camera to use.

Serious Photographer is Serious

It took a while, but you finally figured out how to work it. Well, how to hold it, anyway -- when the red-eye-reduction light turned on, you had to turn it back around to investigate.

Future Facespace Profile Pic

You even managed to take a picture of yourself that is totally suitable for MySpace and stuff, not that you'll ever know what MySpace is, because Mommy is sending you to live in a convent where there are no nuns under the age of 60 and they don't have any computers or Internet. (Don't worry, I'll send Dora DVD's.)


  1. good times! i love that the camera is what's in focus in the second picture - and that you can see her face in the viewfinder. and that last pic is awesome.

  2. I love the last picture! It is a typical Shae face!

  3. Bwahaha love the convent idea. :)

  4. lol i have three different convents in my iphone contact list. can't mess around with this kid!