A Kind of Hush

Oh, man, this day. We had a cruddy night last night -- it's been raining again, because the forty days and forty nights of rain we had at the beginning of the summer are meaningless without a matching weather pattern at the end, or something -- and so we're all cranky today. Plus, I am just sick to death of that stupid godawful "Go Bananas" video by the Fresh Beat Band that keeps getting played at the end of every one of Shae's Noggin programs, so we declared a moratorium on shows for the morning.

Of course, in an ironic twist of fate, or wink from God, or whatever, Shae picks today of all days to play with her Little People Noah's Ark playset. The preternaturally smart little booger.

Right now G and the Boo are taking a nap, which I was doing earlier too. All the action in the house is coming from Owen, who has been hitting the 'nip pretty hard, as captured in these terrible iPhone pictures.

"Crazy lady, this catnip is NOT YOURS."

I guess he found this toy under the couch or under the hutch or something. Haven't seen it in a while. I don't know where cat toys go when they go missing. Maybe with the random disappearing grapes, and that one sock from the laundry?

"I said NO. Scram."

He bogarts the good shit.

"For God's sake, woman, leave me BE."

And then he sleeps on the couch all afternoon.


  1. Bwahaha. Your cat looks stoned.

  2. yup. stoner cat IS stoned. pass the cheetos.