I Have Confidence

"With each step I am more certain / Everything will turn out fine / I have confidence the world can all be mine / They'll have to agree I have confidence in me" -- Richard Rodgers


I knew last summer that we had a swimmer -- that much was evident. But until this year, when we loosened up a little big and gave her water wings, we had NO IDEA it was going to be quite as awesome a thing as it was, watching our daughter take to the water like a duck.

I Have Confidence

Yesterday we had the absolute bare minimum when we went to my parents' (literally a bathing suit and a swimmy diaper, and that was it -- no hat, no sunscreen), but fortunately my parents had a "bubble" in the car for Shae. I don't remember that I ever used a bubble, but I remember my sisters and younger cousins using them. And when I watch Shae doing everything "by herself" in the pool, I am reminded of no one so much as my cousin Jason.

She doesn't know that she can't swim yet, and furthermore, she doesn't care. It's an amazing thing to watch, and something I will continue to look forward to watching in the future. My family is made up almost entirely of swimmers, and it's fascinating to see how it's in the water and not necessarily in the genes.

New Hat

Oh, and she took care of her hat problem, too. Self-reliance FTW!

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  1. i enjoyed myself too dont forget to take the hat with you i can't see the dancing picture will have to look at poppys love mom