Everyday People

Pretty quiet weekend with nothing major to report. We hung out at the pool for most of yesterday (the part that wasn't spent at the dentist's office, where they found nothing major, despite the fact that [a] it's been entirely too long since I've been to the dentist, and [b] I have periodic excruciating pain in one of my teeth, to the point where I have taken so much Tylenol and Advil that I am afraid my liver is going to fall out), and we're not planning to do much today because it's supposed to be too hot to live.


Apropos of nothing: every day I love this new camera more.


  1. Only Tylenol will affect your liver. Motrin may possibly raise your blood pressure. But you can take them together, thereby taking less of both.

  2. good to know! i bet that's why they told me not to take tylenol for a week when they needed to redo a liver enzyme test. i never asked, but i figured. (i usually switch off between the two, because i can never tell which one is going to work best.)