With All The Frills Upon It

Not sure if you noticed, but Shae wears a lot of hats. Well, I guess technically she only wears one or two hats pretty regularly. But still. This weekend we managed to catch her wearing a bunch of different hats, and because I am a cruel wicked mother I made her pose for pictures in all of them:

The usual pool hat, and ...

... this hat that used to be my sisters, that I keep in our beach bag in case I ever need a hat, and ...

... this hat, of strange and mysterious origins, that just sort of showed up one afternoon. In all these lovely bonnets, though, she is the grandest lady in the Easter parade, or something.


  1. the last hat is from aunt shirl for daddy thats why they both had straw hats at the end

  2. such a cutie-patootie! and those curls under the hat - adorable!