Congenital Bribery

When we were kids, my grandparents and parents and aunts and uncles used to throw money into the pool. Whether it is was for our amusement or theirs -- "how much money are these kids willing to risk drowning for?"* -- I still don't know. But it is either refreshing or horrifying or both that my daughter is susceptible to the same trickery. In shallow water, of course; we're not barbarians.

Bribery 1
Bribery 2

* = In truth, the answer is $0 -- we dove for quoits. For free. We're insane.


  1. i LOVE that she's diving for quarters with her hat STILL ON.

    and she's such a big girl! diving for quarters already!

  2. well, if you can call it "diving" when it's only like the 2nd step of the shallow end. but STILL.

  3. What did we find so freakin' awesome about diving for quoits anyway? Good for her for not falling for that trick.

  4. heh ... i STILL don't know. i think it was an approval-from-our-elders thing. kids are SUCKERS.