Father's Day

Dear Daddy and Dear G,

Happy Father's Day! I am lucky enough to have two men in my life who are cut from the same cloth, and even though I now know why My Anonymous Mother is batshit butternuts crazypants, I wouldn't have it any other way. Not now, not ever.

I love you both, always and all ways.

xoxo R.


And for those of you who won't be able to see it in person for a while, here is a very approximate mock-up of the Father's Day gift from Shae and Joey (and my sister Jaime and me, who "begat" these little love bugs) -- and let me just say, right now, I love the Anniversary Camera more than there are words for in the English language, because this was the top-secret project I was working on, and I took these pictures, and I actually like them:

Happy Father's Day! Love, all of us at Casa Gonzales (even the cats).


  1. and you didn't even want the camera. heh.

  2. no, i didn't want THIS camera -- i wanted a MOVIE camera. you know, to use my $120k college education for SOMETHING related to the field in which i hold a bachelor's degree? lol.