Funny Face

So I have this kid, right? And she's a piece of work, you know? She's talking more every day, and making more sense every day, if you can define "sense" as "I know what she means by 'monkey hat,' even if I am not entirely sure why she calls that thing 'monkey hat' when it's a monkey wearing a hat, like shouldn't that be 'hat monkey'?"

But anyway. It is perhaps to early to consider what my toddler is going to be when she grows up -- or even if she wants to grow up, although I have to say, I am not going to be paying for her Berkeley education and then let her live indefinitely in my basement, thank-you-very-much -- but I have been thinking that perhaps she might be suited to a career in The Theatre.

"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"

I understand that Yahoo Serious was able to get a film deal pretty much based on having this exact hairdo:

(I would have gone with the more obvious "Eraserhead," but that movie gives me nightmares, and does this really look like a face that gives you nightmares?)


  1. no she'll probably get a scholarship to harvard or the nunnery she's just shae you gotta love her

  2. i can live with harvard, although i prefer the weather in california.

  3. omg. too cute. what's wrong with princeton? and uva is much closer (and warmer than nj or boston). but aren't we getting ahead of ourselves? doesn't she have to start kindergarten first ;-)

  4. ok, first of all: CAMBRIDGE. harvard is in CAMBRIDGE. ask anybody who goes there and they will tell you. *wink*

    second: there is nothing wrong with princeton, but won't it be embarrassing when shae and joey are there at the same time, and shae is like queen of charter, and joey needs to beg her to get in? *double wink*

    and anyway: i LIKE california. but i don't want to presume that shae will automatically get into stanford just because she's awesome. berkeley is perfectly fine as a SAFETY school. *triple wink*

    pshaw, kindergarten is for CHILDREN.