Of all the clothes Cupcake owns, this shirt is maybe my favorite. I got it for her here about eleventy hundred years ago, so you won't be able to find it now, but you might still see something you like. I like it for two reasons: dinosaurs, and cupcakes. And since this shirt has both, it's a win-win for everyone.

Today is "Dinosaur Day!" at school, so of course we dressed for the occasion. I'm not entirely sure what "Dinosaur Day!" entails, but I like to think it involves a lot of stomping around like so many T. Rexes or Gorgasaurs and listening to "Godzilla" on repeat and then curling up at naptime like cute little baby diplodocuses (diplodoci?).

And of course there are cupcakes. What "Dinosaur Day!" is complete without cupcakes?


  1. is there an un-cropped version of this picture?

  2. no - i took a picture of just the shirt. but i can try to get a full one later.