Chopping Broccoli

I've been having a really hard week with G out of town -- I don't give him enough credit for all the stuff he does around here, and how well we have our routine ironed out at this point. I mean, I'm definitely not saying we're the Gold Standard of parenting, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it has become evident while he's away that we have figured out a system that works for us, and we may not be a finely-tuned machine, but we are certainly adequately oiled. Or something.

Anyway, since I take Cupcake to school in the mornings, I am usually not getting home from work until after dinner, and it looks like I am seriously missing out on the fun. I fully encourage playing with your food if you're going to actually eat it:

Oh, and I swear to God, she said "cauliflower" right before I started rolling. And I think that mystery word in there is supposed to be "vegetable," but I am not yet fluent in Toddler, I am sorry to report.

Also, because it just wouldn't be fair to leave this out:

RIP Phil Hartman. We still miss you.

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