Harder To Breathe

No, this post is NOT about That Thing I Do That I Know I Should Not. It is about how it has been a crazy week or so and I am frakkin' EXHAUSTED. I have a buttload of pictures to sort through and stuff to get done and resolutions to make so I can just go ahead and break them already and get THAT out of the way. Oh, and did I mention that our dryer is broken? HELLS YEAH, we are livin' the life out here in the 'burbs.

Anyway. I am going into to work very very early tomorrow -- 6am! partly voluntarily! -- because it's year end, and there are approximately eleventy zillion things that need to be done before we can close out 2008 and get on with the tricky business of messing up 2009. So to that end I am attempting to go to bed early tonight, because although we did not necessarily Party Hard last night, we did at least Party Sort Of Hearty, and because there were two children under 2 involved, even if peripherally, I am already behind the 8-ball, sleep-deprivation-wise. (Um, what?)

So watch for more updates over the weekend. And maybe a site redesign, but since I am kind of a slack-ass and a Luddite, maybe not.

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