I like this picture for two reasons: (1) Shelleybeans! and Cupcake are so engrossed in what they are doing or talking about that neither one of them told me to go away when I got the cellphone camera out, and (2) the angle is so goofy that my sister's hand looks as big as my daughter's head -- and I assure you, Shelleybeans! has perfectly nice hands, not weird gigantic man-hands.

Anyway ... yeah, Ashtyn's birthday party was fun. And the cake was fantastic.


  1. where are the tree pictures or shae sticking her fingers in the cake ??? sorry i didn't get to say good-bye but i had to go home ...said daddy at which time we took a nap !!

  2. don't know if we caught her sticking her fingers in the cake, but the tree pics should be up tomorrow. this picture was on my phone.