iPhone iFirst iPhoto

Sad but true fact: this is one of the first pictures I took with my Christmas present, an iPhone. Less than two seconds, with no special light settings or enhancements or anything. I think that, for a throwaway snapshot, this one is pretty damn good.

Which means either (1) my regular camera is junk or (2) I am a terrible photographer or (3) how in the holy hell did I live without this thing for so long? (The iPhone, not the tree.)


  1. I want an iPhone, but am far too cheap to buy one. Trying to figure out a way to justify to my boss why I need one to do my job ;). Nice shot.

  2. it's a nice shot because it's a nice tree. didn't you read my post where i agonized over it? ;-)

    honestly, i think EVERYONE needs an iphone, now that i have one. holy gods, i have NO IDEA how humankind as a species survived before these things existed.

    but bear in mind that i also feel the same way about microwave popcorn, cheese, and Chick-Fil-A. ymmv, obviously.