Baby Boom

Jumping jellyfish, there are babies everywhere these days! Yesterday my grandparents' house was full of them. Not just the Cupcake, either, but also Joey -- and by the way, we got the Cupcake when she was almost a year old, so by then she was already a "big girl," but even so, I can't imagine her ever being as teensy-weensy as Joey is. Holy tomato, he's a little guy! I held him to give him a bottle the other night and it was like he wasn't even there. My mother's handbag easily outweighs him by 10 lbs. And trust me: my mother's handbags are not nearly as cute.

But yesterday the whole gang was at my grandparents', and I do mean The Whole Gang: my mom and dad, my sister and brother-in-law plus Joey, me and G plus Cupcake, my other sister and her fiancé and even the dogs at one point, my Aunt Bet and Uncle Jim plus two of their daughters AND their daughters' boyfriends/fiancés, my Uncle Joe "Quack" and Aunt Sally plus their two kids, my Uncle Ed and Aunt Kathy plus one of their sons, my cousin A.J. and his son, and my cousin Nancy and her husband plus their baby daughter, visiting from Greece. Whew. All in one (pretty small) house. And there were still leftovers afterwards.

It was like going to a bingo -- practically everybody got a baby as a door prize. It was AWESOME. Who doesn't love babies?


  1. That makes me laugh! I've recently found your blog, and you make me laugh!

    I'll definitely be reading more of you. or more of what you write. or more of your writing. or something like that.

  2. hi! glad to have you! you seem like a pretty cool person, so let me apologize in advance for all the cussing.