Wheels on the Bus

Not a lot going on today unless you count MY COMPLETE AND UTTER INABILITY TO PLAY WORLD OF WARCRAFT WITH ONLY TWO DAYS TO GO UNTIL THE EXPANSION THANK YOU VERY MUCH BLIZZARD YOU BASTARDS, so here is a video of Cupcake. Sorry for the poor lighting and bad singing but we are a decidedly low-budget operation around here.

Now I double-dog-dare you to get that song out of your head. You're welcome.


  1. That was absolutely the cutest version of this song I have ever seen reenacted!

  2. in order to capture it on film we needed to wait until she was almost asleep. she WOULD NOT let me film her while she was looking at the camera otherwise.

  3. Wow, you are waaay addicted to WoW, huh? I know I'd be too, which is why I never started playing it. Also, the cutest level of that video was off the chart :D.

  4. so the g-man just gets to sit in the background while you sing and video? what a lazy-ass! jk

    very cute. can't wait to see you guys in december!!

  5. haha, G was actually singing there, but very quietly, so as not to be captured on camera. which one was the silent marx brother? harpo? that's him.

    and ... yes, i probably COULD use a WoW 12-step program, but i just levelled my mage to 70 and the expansion hits stores TONIGHT, so there's NO WAY i'm going to rehab now.