Crazy Hair

I was going to blog about something else today -- no, I don't remember what, and I can't promise it wasn't World of Warcraft -- but then G sent me these pictures and I had to publish them instead.

Today was "Crazy Hair Day" at school and since there are only three little girls in the Toddler Room (Cupcake's class), the teachers redid all their hair. Here is what Cupcake ended up with. This is waaaaaaaaay better than what I sent her to school with -- four sad little piggies, crooked and uneven and pathetic -- and I think it's adorable.

Of course ... tonight is bath night, and those ponytail holders? Are going to be a ROYAL BITCH to undo.

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  1. and here i was so ready to be impressed with your handy-work ;-) it really does look cute!! and i love the vest!