Happy Caturday

Today was a good day with nothing to report. Was cold and clear, and we had a great time hanging with the folks. I took some pictures but I haven't had time to sort through them yet -- I promise there will be at least one tomorrow.

Two quick things before I go to bed (yes, really):

1. Nothing in the world -- nothing -- is cuter than a happy little girl in a bright green hoodie running around, laughing and loving everyone around her. Even if her hair looks like a wrecked-up ghetto mess because her mother is hairdo deficient.

2. Stolen naps, taken on the couch while your husband and toddler are in the back bedroom wearing each other out, are absolutely the best things ever. They're even better if you can manage to conk out to the sounds of college football, and if you wake up to the smell of hamburger stew wafting in from the kitchen. Grandmothers for the win!

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