Hi! Just wanted to let you know I have added a new feature to this here blog thingie: patented "Cupcake Cam"©™® technology. Under that gorgeous glamour shot of me at age 2, looking for all the world like the future diva attention whore that I turned out to be, you will see a thumbnail of a pic from my flickr photostream -- every time you come to the page, or refresh, it will be a different random picture of Cupcake. Click on the picture to go the full photostream (same as with the larger daily-ish photos).

Seriously, though -- as she gets older and taller and tanner and even more awesome every day, it will be like a mini blast from the past.

Oh, and if you ever actually do go into my photostream? Feel free to leave notes or comments on the pics. But be nice -- you can snark on me until the cows come home, but Cupcake and G are people with feelings. Don't make me hunt you down like a dog and cut you where you stand, OK? Mean people suck, and besides, that shit is disrespectful.

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