An Open and Public Airing of Grievances

My apologies in advance, but this blog post is not going to be about the Cupcake. I am having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day, and so I've decided to whine instead. Also cuss like a stevedore, whatever the hell that is. Tomorrow we will get back to our regularly scheduled "ooooh"-ing and "aaaah"-ing, pinky swear.

So, anyway ... today's discussion topic is: Shit That Is Disrespectful. Example:

Some other shit that is disrespectful?

  • Taking some little girl's sippy cup and brand new fuzzy nap blanket from the day care, just because her name wasn't on them, because you thought you could get away with it. That shit is wrong. Listen up, jerkass: we are all paying the same amount of money to send our kids to this school. There are cheaper ones around. Perhaps you should start investigating other options if tuition is too much and you just can't afford to buy a new cup and blanket for your own child? And also: if I find out who you are, there will be words, oh yes there will. And perhaps a couple of swift kicks to the shins and/or gonads. Plus: what the hell are you teaching your kids if you steal from the day care? Cheap-ass bastard.

  • People who show up for office birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, etc., when they didn't contribute to the group gift. Oh my God, that shit is so fucking ghetto. Seriously, asshat, throw in two bucks or a bottle of soda, and then you can have your cake guilt-free. If you "care enough" about your co-worker to come celebrate with them, then the least you can do is chip for your share of the goodies. Memo: a tree grows in Brooklyn, but there is no goddamned cake tree growing the the courtyard. Shit ain't free. You are a cheap prick, and if you show up today I am likely to "accidentally" spit on your food.

  • Being a grown-ass person with multiple cars who is completely and utterly incapable of understanding the rules of common courtesy with regards to on-street parking. Bitch is going to get her car keyed, is all I have to say about that fucked-up mess.

OK, I am done now. Thanks for listening. And if you don't like it? I don't care. I mean, seriously, who tells a blogger they don't like their stuff? That shit is disrespectful.


  1. Hey, we just read about Alexander tonight! Love that story.

    I feel your pain in the office party department. What's worse are the ones who don't contribute a damn thing and take a doggie bag. Or the scavengers who come in after the party for leftovers. Cheapasses all around.

    And hey, are you the one who mentioned amaretto slushies on I am Bossy? If so, I'm going to pay homage to you in tomorrow's 5:00 Fridays post.http://www.dirtandnoise.com/2008/06/500-fridays.html

  2. o hai! i did mention amaretto slushies, thanks for noticing! please feel free to drop by any time and critique my parenting technique (hint: i kind of suck, but where is the fun if there is no room for improvement?) and also remind me to have a drink once in a while. something cold, that comes with an umbrella and a live parrot.

  3. Rockle, just leaving a comment to say hi, I love you, I am out here reading every day. Your writing is effing insightful, hilarious and makes me miss you THIIIIIIIIS much.

    And I can live vicariously through you and your Cupcake without having to babysit to get my baby fix! heheh - bonus! :D


  4. omg luuuuuuuuuuuuupes! MISS YOU SO MUCH. i will check in soon, i promise. please tell everyone i said hi until i get a chance to. xoxoxo.