Salty Piece Of Land

More pictures from the beach, because of reasons.


Boogie boarding: you're doing it wrong. And still, somehow, doing it right.


Shae says that at the next Olympics she's going to win first place in all the swimming events. I don't think she'll be ready for Rio in 2016, but maybe by 2024 she'll be the new Missy Franklin. And if that is the case, I hope that when Costas and company does a package on "how it all began," they include this picture.


Somebody is not sure whether 64°F is quite warm enough for civilized people. (Glad it wasn't just me.)


Now I really wish that I had put Shae in her suit that matches Makayla's. This is what I get for letting her pick her own clothes out - my perfect shot is ruined. RUINED.


We did a lot of jumping. Shae likes to jump. I hope she never discovers the pole vault, or we'll all be in trouble.


Those eyelashes KILL ME DEAD, every time.


It should be reassuring to me that EVERY.SINGLE.FAMILY.PICTURE. turns out like this, because it means it is not operator error, and yet. AND YET.


THOSE EYELASHES AGAIN. Gaaaah. Who do I need to speak to about an upgrade?

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