Who's Zooming Who?

I love this picture because it looks like my kid is photobombing herself.


I can't even remember what I was supposed to be taking a picture of. My sister's family in the background, maybe? I can't really get Shae to pose for me right now, but if she see's that I'm zooming in on someone else, forget it.


Shae taught Makayla the "knock me over" trick. Makayla LOVES to knock people over now. Mostly Shae, though, because Shae is her very favorite. The only name I hear her say more than "Shae-Shae" is "Pop-Pop." Not that I blame her, really -- Shae and Pop-Pop are both pretty awesome.


I wanted her to lay in that patch of sun there. I really did. You can see how well that worked out for me. (Well, pretty well, aesthetically speaking, but as a parent, I was pretty much all "HELL NAW!")


Although, by this point in the day, she had been running around for several hours PLUS swimming, so I guess I should just be happy she isn't actively crying and drooling all over herself.

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