Serenity Sunday #4

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you the most divalicious calf in the history of livestock.


I think she's a Jersey cow, and she lives at the farm where the pumpkin patch is. She gives excellent side-eye, doesn't she? She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the cups of corn feed that they sold at the petting zoo, but she was eating grass and weeds by the handful. Also, she has attitude to spare. She's probably called "Elsie Borden" or somesuch, but I think she deserves a fawncier name, so I shall call her "Little Miss Lady Elsinor Louise 'Buttercup' Bordenton-Smythe."

Needless to say, she makes me want to have a cow in the backyard. We've got plenty of grass.

PS - Why won't my kid look at the camera like that?

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