Hello Kitty Party!

I admit, I don't know always know the first damn thing about raising a little girl -- I mean, COME ON, have you met me? I am much more capable of having conversations about baseball statistics than I am about Barbie dolls, and I couldn't begin to tell you what the heck a "Lalaloopsy" is supposed to be even if you held a gun to my head, but I could probably tell you who the last ten Super Bowl MVP's were* -- but let me tell you a little not-so-secret: I love Hello Kitty. Because believe it or not, I am human, and I have absolutely no defense against the awesome super powers of the Sanrio Corporation.


We went to a friend's birthday party over the weekend, and we knew going in that it was a Hello Kitty party, and I wore some pink, at least. Okay, technically it was a pink-and-blue turtleneck, but there was definitely some pink going on. And, yes, I stood in front of the cake and took about a dozen pictures, because LOOK AT THAT THING. It's adorable. No, it didn't have a light-up Hello Kitty figurine, but still. (It was also -- wait for it -- delicious.)


The birthday girl has an entire Hello Kitty ROOM. I am jealous. So is Shae, I think, although she didn't really say anything. I could sort of see in her expressions that she wonders why some people get to have Hello Kitty rooms while she has a room that features a non-zero number of monkeys, several stuffed dinosaurs, and a giant plush polar bear that we use as a sort of beanbag chair even though it has sprung a leak and all the stuffing and little beady things are coming out, but she is polite enough to not mention it. (She does have both fairy princess AND cupcake sheets, though, so maybe she figures it all comes out in the wash.)


WANT. Shut up. I totally want that handbag. That handbag is the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas and all other sorts of idioms. It rocks, and I won't lie. In this regard, I am jealous of a three-year-old. But I am holding out hope that Santa will bring me the Swarovski version.

* Not that you asked, but since 2000, in order**: Kurt Warner; Ray Lewis; Tom Brady; Dexter Jackson; Tom Brady again; Deion Branch; Hines Ward and NOT Jerome Bettis; Peyton Manning; Eli Manning; Santonio Holmes and STILL NOT Jerome Bettis although he was retired at that point but that is no excuse to not go back and give it to him retroactively because COME ON; Drew Brees; and Aaron Rodgers. Also, that is TWELVE Super Bowl MVP's, so NEENER NEENER.

** Know who never won a Super Bowl MVP award***, even though the whole world just WILL.NOT.SHUT.UP. about him? Brett Favre.

*** But who really deserved one? Jerome Bettis. We miss you, Bus!

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