Let Them Eat ... Watermelon

We didn't eat any cake or cupcakes this week because I am an absolutely terrible parent, but hopefully these photos of my kid eating some particularly juicy watermelon will satisfy your craving for the pictures of my kid eating stuff that have unexpectedly and inexplicably become the trademark of this here blog-a-roonie.


Like her mama, she gnaws off every teeny bit of pink that she can find on the rind. Can't waste one little taste of that delicious, delicious melon. It's kind of inspiring.


She's not really offering to share, you know. She's just showing you how she chews right down to the white part, like I taught her. She's no dummy -- the best part is the sweet stuff right next to the bitter rind. I'm so proud of her.


You're welcome. Have a nice weekend, you guys!

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