Rolling In The Deep

Oh, hey, in case you were wondering how that whole swimming lesson situation from over the winter ended up working out for us:


Things are going just, well, swimmingly.


I mean, the primary thing about getting Shae lessons was to teach her basic water safety, from someone she would actually listen to (i.e., not her parents, because already she knows that we don't know anything about anything).


We haven't been in the water too much yet, but we have been in, and we did it without a bubble or water wings, and we've been fine. She has the sense to stay primarily in the shallow end, where she can reach the bottom with her feet, and she won't go in the pool unless there is an adult present, which is totally fine.


Otherwise, she's been trying to swim on her own as much as she feels comfortable, and letting us help her with everything else. She's still trying to teach herself to swim a little bit better, in tiny fits and spurts, and that's fine too. Mostly we wanted to be able to keep her from freaking out without a PFD and accidentally drowning herself. That would be bad news.


And we don't want this one to bring us any bad news, do we?

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