Pool's Out For Summer

Saturday was a preview of the weather we're expecting later this week while we're on vacation -- mid 70's, bright sunshine, beautiful. Everything but the palm trees.


Oh, and my grandparents have opened their pool for the summer. It probably goes without saying that Shae was appropriately stoked.


I am really looking forward to the wedding and Disneyland, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I am really, really looking forward to catching as many of those California rays as I possibly can.


The first thing I packed in our suitcase was our swimsuits. They'll probably be the first things that come out, too, on that first afternoon, before we collapse into our beds after a long day of travelling.


Nothing says, "Hot damn, I am ON VACATION!" like getting your feet wet as soon as possible after the wheels hit the tarmac in another area code.


The only potential bummer about this trip is that we can't take everyone with us -- but that is what a week at the shore around Labor Day is for. Believe me: I can't wait. "Vacation" is my very favorite word in the English language right now.

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  1. Of course, Shae was the first one in the pool!