Say Anything

Lest you all think I have stuck my head in the oven after the Super Bowl or something -- because I am very very sad that the Steelers lost, moreso even than my husband who is an ACTUAL STEELERS FAN, but on the other hand, I am kind of happy for Aaron Rodgers because now maybe everyone will just SHUT THE EFF UP above Brett Favre, GOD, Rodgers now has as many Super Bowl wins as Favre does so would just cut the guy a small break already? -- but no. I am just, as usual, a slackety-slacker slack ass.

Also, except for the Super Bowl, basically nothing happened last weekend. Swimming classes got cancelled due to an "ice storm" (i.e., a superfine coating of ice on the roads, so fine that it actually cracked when you stepped on it, but WHATEVER PENNSYLVANIA, it's not like any of these fools have ever seen winter weather before or anything since the entire state just recently seceded from the Conch Republic, right?) and Shae was positively bereft and I was all out of sorts because my schedule got screwed up.

BUT! I do have pictures from swimming lessons the week before, which I never took of the camera, so you get them now. (I have been running a bit behind schedule with the swim class pictures anyway, so it's like this is NEW. I think I've been running late for my whole life, which is supremely odd, because I spent half the day thinking today is Wednesday because I forgot to turn my calendar page from Monday. Yeah, I don't know either.)


We finally got bumped up to join the Pike "B" kids and Shae couldn't have possibly been more stoked, unless maybe you told her she could eat nothing but lollipops every day for the rest of her life. She was that excited. And she did wonderfully -- she really is a natural in the water, and everything her teacher asked her to do, she did with relish. We're still dealing with our ongoing listening issues, but we're vastly improving.

Pike B

I'm not entirely sure of the class schedule, but I think that by the end of this session, she should be able to swim across the pool by herself without any flotation devices. I think if her teacher asks her to, Shae will FLY. She's already talking about joining the swim team. And people are telling her that I was on the swim team when I was four (which I think is incorrect -- I think I didn't start until I was 5 or 6, but many of my friends-and-relations started earlier, but I can't remember because IT WAS A HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS AGO AND I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT SOCKS I HAVE ON RIGHT NOW), and so she is ready to go.

"I'm going to be MORE AWESOME THAN YOU, Mommy," she says. She doesn't believe me when I tell her she already is.


  1. I love her "diving" stance. Clearly she's Olympic swim material.

  2. we have daydreams of her in the olympics -- either as a beach volleyball player (my daydream) or as the goalie for the women's hockey team (his daydream) -- but i expect she'll go with something that terrifies and mortifies us both, like maybe rhythmic gymnastics or curling.