Little Girl Winter

It snowed again last night, another 2-3 inches or so -- and by the way, screw you, Almanac, for getting it completely wrong about what this winter was supposed to look like -- so this morning my personal snow removal team was out in force to shovel the walk and clear off my car so I could go in to work.

I assure you, it was a different snowfall. See Exhibit A, from January 9th:

Annotated 1-9-11

And Exhibit B, from today:

Annotated 1-21-11

Shae seemed to have an equally good time in both cases, though.

Happy Place

I complain a lot, because that's kind of how I roll, but you know what? I have a great life, and great people to share it with.


  1. The snow this year is killing us. And more is expected next Tuesday!!! Ugh.

  2. We are expecting Snow as well on Tues. I am okay with it cause I would like to do a few more experiments on snow with the kids and make more snow creme but after this I hope we are done and that it starts to warm up! I can't wait for spring!

  3. I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up. You can be totally wrong about the weather and still have a job.

  4. Oh that was a bitch of a snowstorm and now were cursed with this 1 degree weather. Oh well...least the Stillers won. Nice to meet another blogger from Pennsylvania.