Back in the Saddle

Or, maybe it would be more precise to say: back on the bubble. For now, anyway.


We had our first "real" swimming lesson on Saturday. To say that Shae was excited about it would be the biggest understatement in the history of ever -- she was pretty much like a racehorse at the post, champing at the bit, practically vibrating while she waited to get in the pool. And once she did, she was almost out of control. The teacher put a bubble on her, for her own safety, because she just wanted to gogogo the whole time.


And, well, she kind of did. It was a little embarrassing to be her parent, of a kid who was obviously new to class, because she didn't really listen all that well, or pay attention, or sit still, or stay with the group. I did speak to the teacher about it, and she said it was obvious that Shae was excited (duh) and that she didn't "judge" at all. That's okay, lady -- I did. I was plenty mortified for the both of us. We know what to work on for next week.


Still, it was great to see her back in the water, where she is clearly happiest and most comfortable. We know she had a great time because it was all she talked about all weekend, and she even said yesterday that she "can't wait" for school to be over this week, because that means she gets to go back to swim class. I'm just glad we haven't been banned from the Y for life yet; we might be social pariahs among the Pike-B-Parent set, but at least we're still allowed back.

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  1. It's so funny. I think we are more *aware* of what we perceive to be issues than anyone else. We're hypercritical, and let's face it, AFRAID that our kid will make us look like parent failures. There. I said it. You (and I) are both released from it. :) Now we can concentrate on something else that makes us feel like crap.

    AWESOME pics, btw. :)