Thank You / Micki Moo

First, a big THANK YOU: because of all the comments, re-tweets, links, re-links, and Facebook likes on my post last Friday, I reached my goal, and this morning I made a $100 donation to Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley & Northeast Pennsylvania. One hundred bucks, you guys -- plus the additional contributions of cash and food that other people made. Whoever you donated to, and whatever you gave -- THANK YOU. I can't thank you enough. Merry Christmas.


And now, more pictures of my niece! Because she is delicious and awesome. Incidentally, in my house we refer to Makayla as "Micki Moo," because "Micki" is shorter than "Makayla," and because my nickname for Shae is "Boo," and because "Micki Moo" sounds cute because of consonance and alliteration. So we have the granddaughters, the Terrible Two: the Boo and the Moo. Probably we will call her "Kayla," which is what I think my sister and brother-in-law call her, when she isn't being called "Buttonhead."

Joe & Makayla

My brother-in-law calls her Buttonhead, mostly.

Baby Head

You can kind of see why -- her head is very small. Shae could palm that little noggin like a basketball, if she knew what a basketball was. (Well, she does, but she never calls it the right thing. Everything appears to be a "baseball" to her. She's evidently still super-stoked over the whole Cliff Lee thing last week.)

Nana & Makayla

My Anonymous Mother, doing the Nana Thing that she is very, very good at.

Baby Kisses

And Shae, doing the Kissin'-Cousins Thing that she is very, very good at.

(Incidentally: we just call Joey ... "Joey." Because we are Very Clever and Creative in my house, no?)


  1. joey's the one that started calling her kayla. i told him to say makayla, and he said kayla, and it stuck. the end.

  2. heh. shae calls her "my kayla." so it must be a pre-K thing.

  3. Kayla is what I call her. Joe calls her buttonhead because he said the most important things when holding her are to hold on to her butt 'n head. He thinks he's clever.

  4. HA! that's funny. don't tell him i said that, though, or it'll go to his head.

  5. nice pictures love mom