Bonfire 2010

We went to the "banfire" last night. Because OF COURSE WE DID. What self-respecting Rover wouldn't? It's the night before the Turkey Day Game, people. It's a TRADITION, practically a RELIGION in my hometown.

Bonfire 2010
Say "Turkey!"

Shae already knows how to do the bonfire stroll, and she did a pretty good job of showing Joey the ropes. But as always it was very, very hot and very, very crowded, so we didn't stay long.

J & J Jr.

Just long enough. We were there long enough to know that our class's bonfires were the best ones ever. Except that my sister's bonfire (Class of '96) and my husband's bonfire (Class of '93) had NOTHING on the bonfire thrown by my class. Yo, I'ma let them finish, but the EAHS Class of 1992 had the best bonfire of all time.



Whatever you're doing today, be good, be safe, and be careful. xoxo.

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