27 Days Left: A Poem

The tree is up, our stockings hung,
"You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" was sung,
The unwrapped gifts sit in a heap ...
And all I want to do is sleep.

We have to check the strings of lights
And make sure the ornaments look right
But that is for tomorrow, I think --
Right now, I really need a drink.

I cannot dream of sugar plums
With so little time before Christmas comes.
I haven't even made a list
Of stuff I'd like to get as gifts.

I have to pick out Christmas cards
And that part will be extra hard
Because my kid's all wriggly;
She won't sit still in front of the tree.

Don't know if I'll have time to bake
The twelve kinds of cookies I usually make
And still find a way to watch all the shows
That are filling up my poor TiVo.

So if you're looking, you will find
Me sitting here, going out of my mind.
Not that this is anything new --
Before Christmas, there is just so much to do.

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