FFFAS (Future Feminist Farmers of America or Something)

So I dressed my kid up as a "snow fairy" and took her trick-or-treating at a high school, and then we left her costume on and took her to a pumpkin patch farm thingy.

10-24-10 042

Why do I never get sick of these stick-your-head-in-the-hole things? I have no idea.

Anyway, we left her in her costume -- tutu and tiara and ugly Uggs boots and all -- and let her go climbing on everything and tromping through the hay mazes and what have you.

10-24-10 051
10-24-10 093

If I may say so myself, I found the whole thing to be pretty awesome. She didn't care one whit that there were grass stains on her knees and straw in her boots and burrs in her crinoline and dirt in her hair and that her crown went crooked. Not a bit of concern. She just wanted to run around and have fun, and she totally did.

10-24-10 073
10-24-10 076

I think Ashtyn had a good time, too, although he was not particularly interested in the kissing-book aspects of the day.

Still have pictures from the actual pumpkin patch to post, and this afternoon is the Halloween parade at school, and I am proud to say that the pirate costume is finished. Hopefully she'll cooperate and let me get a couple of pictures where she looks more excited than she did last year.

Also, one last bit of housekeeping: next month, November (already!?) is National Blog Posting Month -- NaBloPoMo. A post a day for a month. I'm doing it, and if you have a blog, maybe you can, too. (Unless you're on your honeymoon, in which case you are excused. Ahem.) More information is available at NaBloPoMo.com. Join me!

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  1. I'm working up the courage to NanoBloPoMo. I did it last year, and missed it by one day. This could be my year, eh?

    Great pics btw!