Farmyard Farewell

A few last parting shots of Strawberry Acres before we get back to whatever the hell it is that we usually do around here (watching three-week-old shows off the TiVo, and playing World of Warcraft -- don't you judge us).

10-09-10 018

Geese. Love love love the crazy blue sky in the background.

10-09-10 079

Gourds. They fascinate me. I wish I knew what to do with them. They're so cool looking, especially when they're all knobbly and weirdly variegated.

10-09-10 080

Teeny little baby pumpkins. You don't usually see this much orange in the wild at this time of year outside of Vermont or a Syracuse football game.

10-09-10 135

Laughing llama. I wish we had gotten to Strawberry Acres just 10 minutes earlier, so we could have touched the llamas. When we got there, they were heading inside for lunch or brunch or whatever, and I had a hard time getting any pictures at all. Look at that fur! Doesn't that look fantastic (under all that straw)?

10-09-10 189

Apples. Maybe not all of them are perfect and unblemished and waxy, but by God, do they all taste good. They're almost gone already, you know. Although I'm sure we all sort of suspected that they wouldn't really last that long.

10-09-10 179

Hide and seek. The kids loved hanging out together, sitting under or behind the apple trees, picking up fruit off the ground and throwing into the fields, or just talking. I have no idea what small children talk about when they're together -- dinosaurs and aliens and how dorky their parents are, I suppose -- but Shae and Anthony had a lot of fun together, especially when they were making us chase them.

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