Better Than Intended

Over the weekend, we had plans to go to a pumpkin patch with my aunt and her son Ashtyn, who is less than a year younger than Shae. Ashtyn is one of Shae's "best friends" -- she has many, lucky girl -- and we were all really excited about it.

Near the last minute, my aunt told me about a safe trick-or-treat that was being held at her local high school. The Spanish Club, SADD, etc., a bunch of student groups each "sponsored" a room and handed out candy.

And I almost cancelled the whole thing, because Shae's "official" costume isn't finished yet. (And her school Halloween parade is Friday afternoon. Eek. I'd better get moving, if life would stop getting in the way.)

Fortunately I was able to go out on Saturday night and get a couple of things that, when combined with pieces we already had in the house, turned out to make a pretty darned good costume. Shae went as a "snow fairy."

Snow Fairy
Snow Fairy Close Up

We already had most of the pieces -- the tutu petticoat, the lace stockings that I got for $1 at Target sometime last year for some occasion I can't remember, the grey skirt, the snowflake shirt, the Uggs boots. I was glad to be able to use the Uggs for something useful; they were a gift and I hate them.


All I needed to add were the wings, some eye sparkle, some hair glitter, and of course the crown, because what self-respecting fairy leaves the house without wearing a tiara? None that I want to associate with, that's for sure.

Captain America and the Snow Fairy with the Evil Grin

Shae and Ashtyn had a really awesome time, I think. I let Shae run around at the pumpkin patch in her costume, which you'll see later. She liked her costume, and it ended up costing me about $11, which is actually cheaper than the Halloween costume we originally planned for (which, again, is not yet finished).

Looks like someone might be changing her mind and doing laundry before trick-or-treat this weekend. Maybe. Or else I'll come up with something else, yet again.

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  1. why cant you finish that costume ?????