Test Pattern

Hi there. I am in no shape to talk about anything today because I stayed up too late last night watching the Emmys -- which, by the way, I missed the opening number because I forgot the Emmys were even on but it turned out to be a surprisingly entertaining evening of television -- anyway, I hear that opening number was really good and I hope I can catch it on YouTube or something before it disappears forever -- and do you see what I mean about being in no shape to talk about anything? honest to God, who knew there were this many dashes even possible in the entirety of the English sandwich? -- and then after the Emmys were over I finished up Mockingjay and basically I couldn't turn my brain off and so I was awake until after 1:00 in the morning and then my husband basically had to shove me out of bed with a cattle prod when the alarms went off and I have been pretty much mainlining caffeine and nicotine and I just hope I can make it to the end of the day so I can go home and die in my own bed.

Have a nice day. Here, enjoy this picture of dresses from the Emmys that I thought were very pretty.

Does Clare Danes look like ten million bucks, or what? For serious.

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  1. start taking better care of yourself...did you go to outlets? love mom