Gladys debuted one of her new swimsuits this weekend. She's kind of secretly hot, for an old woman. I never suspected.

Gladys in Boca

That Herb, he's a lucky man ... most of the time.

Not A Hot Tub

Shae is getting to be a better and better swimmer every weekend. She's starting to reach the point where she feels more confident on her own, more willing to test her endurance.


We can leave her "alone" in the water now -- not unsupervised, of course, but once we wrap her in floation devices, we let her swim as far as she is able by herself.

Ready ... Set ...

She loves jumping right in at the deep end and making her way to the swim-out on her own. And we love letting her do it -- we are very proud of how determined she is to do things by herself. By the end of the summer, she wants to be off her floaties, and she might actually do it.


I can't believe how unafraid she is, but it's super-awesome. Watching her in the pool, I know that I am doing something right, as a parent.

Passing the torch is very, very cool.


  1. i love the music :-)

    and so cool! the video is awesome. i might have to invest in one of those cameras and cases myself.

  2. here's what i like best: the software that comes with the camera is AH-MAY-ZEENG. that last picture? is a SCREEN SHOT. they did all the editing here, i just picked the clips. LOVE.

  3. do we have the bubble ????? love mom call me on the cell phone dad is working !!!!!