Party Monster

Since Shae's birthday is so close to Easter this year, we decided against having a big party. It's so much running around in a weekend, you know?

Little Cake

Plus her actual birthday was on a Thursday, and who wants to celebrate on a Thursday? I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Party 1

So I got a nice piece of cake from the little café across the courtyard from my office, we stuck a candle in it, and split it three ways.

Candles 1

Then, on Friday, we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop (more pictures later) and then a bunch of us went out for dinner (which reminds me -- leftovers tonight!).

Dora Cake

Afterwards, we went to my grandparents' and sang "Happy Birthday" AGAIN and had delicious, delicious Dora cake, which was almost too pretty to cut.

Party 2

Today we're taking a break, getting in some nap time, watching some movies, chowing down on some popcorn, before we get into all the Easter festivities tomorrow.

Candles 2

Which, incidentally will involve another birthday cake. DQ ice cream cake, this time. For not wanting to make a big deal, we sure have a lot of parties, no?


I will make sure to document any shenanigans, as usual. Can't promise there is going to be any leftover cake, though. Ice cream cake is good stuff.


  1. DQ Ice Cream cake, or DQ Blizzard Cake? They are both awesome, but once you have the Blizzard CAke, you'll NEVER go back. Have fun trying to keep the chocolate and sweets to a minimum! LOL!

  2. regular cake. i didn't even KNOW there was such a thing as a blizzard cake. maybe it's for the best ...

  3. Well, your birthday IS coming up, right? Drop a few hints. The Reese's PB Cup is the best though the Oreo one is right up there!