Take This Week and SHOVE IT

Yesterday can KISS MY ASS and ROT IN HELL for all I care. Yesterday was entirely an EPIC FAIL. It was like "Castaway," except longer. Like "The English Patient," but without Ralph Fiennes and Sayid from "Lost." If anyone found themselves in the midst of plagues of flies or frogs or locusts or boils, or riots or fires or mudslides or sushi in the mall, that was probably tangential to my problems, because yesterday was just a bad day of Biblical proportions.

Honestly, it was so bad that I don't even want to recap, but it does appear that I my "Litany of Worries" was not entirely fashioned out of whole cloth. Some of these things, I have reason to be worried about, and indeed, some have already come to pass.

Also, I am thinking of maybe changing my name to Job, except I am afraid I will be mistaken for an "Arrested Development" character, and while that could be cool, for right now my sense of humor has gone off on walkabout without me.

Also: I am not yet 800 years old. Or a man. Or particularly interested in being named after a book of the Bible.

So, hey! Quick! Look at these pictures of my kid!

Right Stuff

We're starting to let her pick out her own clothes. Well, partly -- she picked out this shirt and we did the rest. I bought the shirt. Circle of life, or something.


Doesn't it look like she's on a photo shoot for America's Next Top Model here? Miss Tyra's "smizing" has nothing on my kid's.

Commando Crawl

No idea. I try as much as possible to go with the flow. This might be one of those times when she was pretending to be a cat. I don't know. Kids don't make sense.

Little Miss Gladys

GLADYS LEIBOWITZ LIVES, BITCHES! My parents got Shae a new bubble mower. We can't figure out how to make it work, but does this kid know how to work it, or what?


  1. she's in a freakin' t-shirt. jealous!

  2. ME TOO! My week has been really bad without a good explanation for WHY it's been bad! Ok, maybe not to biblical proportions, but definitely on the Crappy end of the scale.

    My mom pretty much let me dress myself from kindergarten on up. I had some odd outfits on, but she let me go with it. I didn't think about it at the time, but that was pretty cool of her.

  3. @Scientific Lutheran -- what's funny is, i COMPLETELY HAVE HER BRIANWASHED, bwahaha. she knows that green socks go with green shirts and you can't wear the yellow shoes with pink pants etc. she has her favorites, and she does pretty ok when we let her have input.

    my husband, however, dresses her like a clown. he means well, but ... sigh.

  4. I hope your week gets better!!