Stay (Wasting Time)

We had to take our cat Owen to the vet yesterday, and we didn't want to take Shae because we weren't sure how the combination of "sick animals" and "adorable puppies and kittens" was going to go, so like any responsible parent, I ran interference and took her to McDonald's for supper.


She and I don't get to spend much time alone together any more. Since G got laid off, he's been responsible for getting her dressed and fed in the mornings, getting her to and from school, making dinner and entertaining her until I get home from work. Having some "Mommy-and-Me" time was a nice change.

Juice Box

I was hoping we'd get a chance to go outside and run around at the park after dinner, but "Kung Fu Panda" ran longer than I thought, so we didn't even leave the house until almost dark. We sat at a table near the drive-thru line so she could watch the cars pull up and make faces at herself in the window.


Her favorite car was a shiny red Mustang. "Mommy, for my birthday I'm gonna buy that car and I'm gonna drive YOU to 'Donnel's' for dinner and we can have ICE CREAM!" she said. "Donnel's" is what she calls McDonald's. She can say "herbivore" but not McDonald's. Kids are hysterical. And I love how she thinks she can reach the pedals.

Window Reflection

Owen was admitted to the vet hospital, and they kept him overnight. Poor little guy was dehydrated, with a low fever and an infection. I feel like the worst pet-parent ever. He is doing better this morning, but I worry. Shae can't want for him to come home, so she can give him treats and snuggles and loving. Me either, for the same reasons. We're hoping to hear back soon.


  1. It's amazing how attached we get to our pets without realizing it. When I took Howler to get fixed I worried about him all day. And he's not my favorite cat. I had a really hard time leaving Annie at the emergency vet, and that was only a couple of hours.

  2. oh, i know attached i am to this cat. if anything happens i'm going to be beside myself.

  3. he'll be fine. just give him some ice cream from 'Donnels, too!

  4. I hope Owen pulls through! love the juicebox and funny face shots :)

  5. call me re shaes sizes love mom