March Madness

I couldn't possibly care less about college basketball, seriously -- I can tell you more about the Syracuse University lacrosse program than its basketball team, and that is truly sad (10 time and reigning champs, woot woot!) -- but yet I still put in my $5 for the pool at work. Because I am a joiner, you know?

And ALREADY my brackets are borked because of the frakkin' Big East. *shakes fist at Georgetown and Marquette and Notre Dame* Damn you! Damn all of you to hell! Although that's what I get for picking Notre Dame, I suppose. We get what we deserve.

(True fact: Every time I typed "Notre Dame" in this post so far, I actually typed "Notre DAMN" and had to go back and fix it. From now on, typo stays.)


Here are some pictures from St. Pat's that make me happy and temporarily stop me from thinking about who I need to bribe to change my picks and basically disown most of the Big East. Please to enjoy.

Sparkle Shamrocks

Go 'Cuse! And if not them, then go Pitt and Louisville and West Virginia. And if not them ... well, go everybody except Kansas and Kentucky and Duke, basically. (Sorry if you're a fan, but if you can't have loyalties during March Madness, then when can you have loyalties?)

(And I'm sorry, but to me, a Penn State wife, "Notre Damn" is pretty darned funny. My seat on the bus to Hell is pretty much reserved, no?)


  1. i love the pics not the picks !!!!! love mom i'm getting a bubble mower tonight

  2. OMG... the Big East freakin' sucks! That's ALL I HEAR ABOUT... HOW GREAT THE BIG EAST IS. My brackets suck. And I think Notre Damn is pretty damn funny. Your grandfather, however, would not.

  3. the sad thing is that the Big East is pretty much ALWAYS a disappointment in the tourney, and every year they let them in and seed 'em high. it's like they WANT us to have jacked-up brackets.

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