Consider Yourself

This is Lexi.


She's one of my sister's new friends-and-relations from Brooklyn. Lexi is the either the cousin or the niece of my other brother-in-law Joe. (Speaking of which -- what are the odds? Seriously? I have two sisters, so what is the statistical likelihood that both of them would marry guys named Joe?)

(Then again, I did have an uncle who was married to two of my father's sisters, so I suppose having two brothers-in-law named Joe is not the weirdest thing going on in my single-forked family tree.)

Future Troublemakers of America

Lexi was visiting over the weekend. She and Shae got along famously. I think it's because of that Nintendo DS thing, or whatever the heck it is, but they hung out all afternoon, sitting there with their heads full of eyeballs, plotting and scheming. I don't know what they were plotting and scheming, exactly, but you can be sure that it was something Not Good.


No, not really. They were fine, and I think they both really liked having someone their own age to hang around with (Lexi's 4). I know Shae did, at any rate. Shae does fine around "the old folks," she really does, but I know I always feel more comfortable when I can commiserate with peers.


Brooklyn is kind of a hike from my grandparents' place, but who knows? Maybe as the weather gets nicer, we'll see more of Lexi, and in the summertime Shae will have a swimming buddy. (We're in no rush to get Shae a DS of her own, though -- I still have nightmares about my suicidal Super Mario men and I am not yet prepared to deal with it.)


  1. rachel rachel rachel.....

  2. smack me its the 1srt crown picture i want....order it to target !!! la lathats where poppy thinks i live thanks love mom

  3. My friend is getting her 3yo a IPOD loaded with kid games. Seems crazy to me but over Christmas Eli loved to play with grandma's Iphone.

  4. i will admit -- i have a couple of apps on my iphone that are strictly for her amusement, when we're waiting to be seated at a restaurant, stuff like that. but she chews on her legos, so i don't think she can be trusted with consumer electronics. G and i are both of the opinion that she needs to work her way up to her big girl panties before we get her a nintendo.

  5. LOL

    She chews on her legos. That will make me smile for awhile. HA~ I was a poet and dint know it!

    At least she doesn't leave them lying in the middle of the hallway so that when you walk through in the middle of the night you don't step on them and curse in several different languages.

  6. lol - no, the cats cause the multilingual cursing. how was your trip?

  7. I actually have two sisters who were both married to guys named Bob.

    As time went on they were dubbed The Good Bob and The Bad Bob.

    Both couples are now divorced. I don't have any uncles named Bob, however.

  8. The trip was fantastic. The ship was cool, the food was great, the ports were very interesting, the water was just slightly cool but it warmed up fine once you were in the water, the food was great, the room with the balcony was AWESOME and I am totally spoiled because now I'm like, what? No balcony? Not even a window? Are you kidding me?? And the food was great. Especially the chocolate buffet on saturday. I thought I might explode with the amount of calories I packed into my system in the course of 1 hour. BTW, the food was great! :)

    Worth every penny I spent.

  9. ZOMG. SO. JELUS! (i'm going to ... new jersey.)

  10. The trick to a cheap ticket is to book REALLY early. I booked it a year in advance and got the balcony room for $600 each. You can get deals where you get kids for very little if you book far enough in advance. I'm already considering one for october/november

  11. believe me: as soon as my husband gets a job, i'm going to start vacation planning. because i am not meant for itchy, ashy skin.