Champagne Music

A few more little details from the Wedding Of The Decade So Far that I managed to not screw up pictures of. (Yes, this is going to be another one of those 2½ day trips that I manage to stretch into a week of blog posts -- so sue me! It's the busy time of year at work where I am putting in 11-12 hour days and I barely have time to go potty.)

Champagne Toast

We had the champagne toast immediately following the ceremony, right there in the Broderie Room. It was actually kind of a neat touch, not something I would have thought of. I really liked it. Obviously this would never fly in your traditional church environment -- but that is what makes non-"traditional" weddings wonderful, isn't it? Little things that are different, but somehow perfect?

Small Centerpiece

The reception was held at the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. This is without a doubt one of the nicest hotels that I have ever seen, let alone had the pleasure of staying in. I can picture my homeslice Eloise living it up in a joint like this. Classic, old-fashioned luxury, honestly: crystal chandeliers, marble floors, brass railings, real wood, soft fluffy white towels. If I ever win the lottery and run away from home, look for me here.

Medium Centerpiece

We had dinner in the Lawrence Welk Room, and it was fabulous. (And the fact that Shae was a perfect little lady who charmed the snot out of the entire waitstaff with her "Thank you, sir!"s and her "Oh please!"s only enhanced our dining experience.) I had the chicken stuffed with crab, and it was nothing short of sumptuous. Really. I do not lie about food. Even the weed salad was fantastic.

Cake Cutting

Oh, and that cake! OMNOMNOM. Don't know where it came from, who made it, nothing, except it was a spice cake with pumpkin filling and about three inches of whipped cream frosting and it was ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. God's own wedding cake, or something. I wish I had asked for a piece to bring home, except it would never have made it home -- more likely that I would have snuck into the walk-in closet in our hotel room and sat there in the pitch black in the middle of the night with a fork and my cake and they would have found me in the morning in a puddle of my own drool with an idiotic smile on my face. It was that good.

Cake Kiss

Just like the rest of the evening, really -- it was that good. All smiles and crystalline moonlight and happiness and win and awesome. And really, I can't thank Beth and Chris and their families enough for inviting us. Let's do it again sometime, okay?


  1. i hope you are talking about another kid cause that is it for beth !!!!

  2. yeah, i was talking about a different kid, although if beth and chris want to throw a wedding every year, i will be there (as long as there is cake).

  3. First, you're lucky this wedding is in a new decade (though Jaime shouldn't be offended). I loved her wedding! And second, the cake WAS awesome. Give me more, please. And... are you going to post that picture of the Lady GaGa and candles, etc to your blog?

  4. i was going to put "wedding of the decade of the week" originally. and the gaga picture is on FB, i think. katie's album.