Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

When this post goes up, we'll hopefully still be nestled, all snug in our beds, with visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads -- unless someone gets indigestion or has bad dreams or something. That's been known to happen around here. But when we finally get up and about, we'll see that Santa has been here, and he left us some goodies.

The Haul

We're lucky that Santa stops by our house early, sometimes well before midnight on Christmas Eve. I think it's because he knows this neighborhood is dicey and nobody wants to be here late if they don't have to -- who knows what kind of ill shit might happen? And to be honest, I am perfectly okay with this arrangement, because I am not sure that my homeowner's policy covers damage to sleighs on the roof, and if anything happened to Kris Kringle or one of those poor reindeer I know the guilt would kill me dead.

Oh, and Santa has authorized me to divulge the following: Shae's getting her stinking cramera. God help us all.

The Kids

Obviously we're going to be busy today, as are you, I imagine. Hope whoever you're sharing the holiday with is as awesomely adorable as Those Two Up There, who will continue to be the Center Of The Universe for another few days or so. Catch you later!


  1. My niece has one of those camera's

    She likes to take video's. I had to erase some of the 200+ pictures and 20+ video's before she could take some more. She kept telling me, 'Don't delete that one!'

    Finally I had to wait until she was asleep, then deleted the out of focus-fuzzy-completely unidentifiable pictures. I think there were 50 of those? And the 15 3 second video's of some shaky-out of focus-unidentifiable thing.

  2. rachel call me then tonight or whatever i should be home