Things I'll Never Get Tired Of

I don't think I will ever get tired of this ...

Shae 10-11-09 183

... or this ...

Shae 10-11-09 204

... or this ...

Shae 10-11-09 155

... or this.

Shae 10-11-09 189

Now, Dora and her vaguely encephalitic head? Her, I might get tired of. But not you, never you.

(These pictures were also taken Sunday, after a "costume change" -- she didn't want to put her sweatshirt back on once she took it off, but she did agree to put on this "new" sweater from My Anonymous Mother, the Yard Sale Diva.)


  1. d-d-d-dora! d-d-dora! the exploradora!

    can't wait to see you guys. have you started on shelley's blog redesign yet?

  2. not yet, i have some notes but i haven't been able to put anything together yet. i am hoping to start on it this weekend. when i'm done with my charity work.

  3. yes it is wonderful but we'll pay this weekend did you see the forecast love mom