Party Time! Excellent!

Yesterday my cousins Phil and Kim threw themselves a fantastic first anniversary housewarming tailgate party. Lots of people, lots of kids, lots of fun.

More Bubbles

When my parents came, they brought the bubble machine. Awesomosity ensued.


There were some balloons up as decoration, and Shae was very intrigued by her reflection in the Mylar. She kept yelling, "I can SEE myself!"

Handheld Fireworks

She also liked the balloon weights. (So do the cats -- we brought a balloon with a weight home, and there is a lot of jockeying for position between Shae and the furbabies.)

Go Vols

Probably the only time you'll ever see me put this in writing anywhere: Go Vols!

Ringing Endorsement

Smiles all around, which is as ringing an endorsement of a party as you're ever going to get. Thanks Phil and Kim!

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  1. as we now know shae does have nana genes ringing all the kids around her with the bubbles etc and it was a beautiful partay !!!! i'll talk to you later about the chicago stuff i love you mom