Dye My Eyes and Call Me Pretty

This is Owen. He's our man-child boy-cat. Earlier today he stole a slab of stromboli right off my plate, so he spent part of the evening on punishment.

Pretty Princess

We found the bib in the couch -- it is one of Shae's, from about a hundred million years ago. It says "Thank Heaven for Little Girls." We went with this particular punishment because we don't have any ballerina outfits for Shae's Cabbage Patch doll (yet).

{ Incidentally: I have absolutely no idea what we did with the adoption papers for Shae's doll. So I don't know what her doll's name is. However, I do remember the name of my first Cabbage Patch Kid: Bobbette Janet. What does this say about me, as an adoptive parent? Anything? (It was a first birthday present, which feels like it was a completely different lifetime ago.) }


  1. I haven't commented in awhile, so I thought I'd drop one in right quick.

    *waves* Hi!

    I toss my cat into the cat carrier when he's a shit. I'm not sure it's a punishment for him, sometimes he just crawls in for the fun of it.

  2. ooooh, our cats HATE the carrier. owen's the only one who's really a "problem," thought -- he "stalks" people food and takes whatever he can get. he's all stealthy-like.