Never Was a Cloudy Day

O hai! *waves* It's the middle of the night and officially Saturday now and I should have been asleep, like, literally yesterday. Later on, when the sun comes up in a couple of hours, I'll be picnicking and gallivanting and wreaking my usual sort of havoc, PLUS it's Nanapalooza and stuff, so here is today's post, featuring (1) the latest in home video recording technology, (2) My Anonymous Mother, and (3) a toddler doing both the backstroke AND a backflip. YOU'RE WELCOME.

I do these things because I love you people, you know.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, be safe and be careful. And for the love of God: have a drink for me, too, okay?


  1. you didn't finish! did she like the back flip?

    I loved the vacation pics, the one with her little rear in the air all covered in sand, I love those pictures