Visitation Rights

Today was an absolutely gross and putrid day, more rain and cold and dampness, so my company celebrated by throwing a BBQ Friday. OK, well, technically, the picnic was planned months ago, but the crack(head) event planning team never made rain date arrangements, so it was full steam ahead.

Yippee: a party tent in the parking lot! [/sarcasm] But hey, at least the lunchables were free. Even if most of them were pretty much uncountable on my current mutant space diet and therefore uneatable. (Meaning I couldn't find the necessary nutrition information to convert into points, and I can't cheat on my diet when I'm only a week in, so I ended up with a plate full of grilled chicken, cantaloupe, and tomato slices.)

Remind me to tell you later about how I hate diets, math, and diets that involve math.

I invited G and Shae to come visit me at work -- I thought it would be nice for both of them to get out of the house for a little while, even if it was just to run through the cube maze in my department for five minutes. A change of scenery. Shae liked it, because I have a lot of tchotchkes and feathers and weird things all over my desk.

These pictures are terrible, and I'm sorry, but on the other hand: you got pictures at all. And you have you a small glimpse of the inhumane conditions under which I have to work. Have you ever seen so much beige in your entire life?


  1. so impressed with what you ate at the bbq. i probably would've just said "day off!" and eaten the bbq. but now i know ...

    you're the meaning to my life, you're the inspiration.

    (you have to sing along!) rotfl

  2. it was hard, and i was hungry. i'm trying to decide if i should take next week off, but i'm afraid if i do i'll never come back.